May 10, 2011

USA Today article

In case you didn’t see this already: Article in USA Today 4.14 about kids and outdoors. I went to the website mentioned below’¦more articles. http://yourlife.usatoday.com/parenting-family/saving-childhood/index
April 19, 2011


A recent issue of a parenting magazine contained a section suggesting that mothers lead their families to nature settings. It highlighted Discovertheforest.org as a site to […]
April 16, 2011

Spring events at Sanctuary for the Arts

Yes, dear, there is a Spring! Bradford Pears do bloom, rock garden tulips do burst and mayapples do push up the earth. Wildflowers are finally popping […]
April 16, 2011

Safe Routes to Play

Check out this cool new initiative to help children get to parks, playgrounds and playspaces safely without cars. http://gpred.org/saferoutestoplay/