Five simple actions every person can take right now to ensure that No Child is Left Inside

No more hard to follow strategic plans.  No more boring monthly meetings’”please!  The Leave No Child Inside movement is about each and every person–parent, grandparent, teacher, doctor, urban designer, civic leader, etc. taking action so to ensure that nature gets incorporated into our daily lives, our community and school plans, our urban designs, our legislation, etc. It’s about every person taking a small or big step right now to Leave No Child Inside.  It’s as simple as that.

— Jenny and Alice (Founders and Co-Chairs of The Leave No Child Inside            Central Ohio Collaborative)

1.  The Toolkit: Use this tool kit to become a Leave No Child Inside Ambassador and talk about this issue with everyone you know’¦family, friends, co-workers, your child’s teachers, principles, your family doctor, your representatives, etc.  Share with them the sobering research and the hopeful nature research.  If they mention obstacles, mention solutions and success stories. Remember F.E.A.R.R. and C.H.A.N.G.E.

2.  The Collaborative: Be active in the Leave No Child Inside Central Ohio Collaborative.

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  • Encourage friends, family, co-workers, your child’s teachers, your faith based organization, non-profits you support to join the Collaborative, too.  The more voices we have the more effective we’ll be in creating cultural change on this issue.
  • Use the LNCI logo with yours on programs, initiatives, websites and materials. We have developed a new version of the logo that reads: “Working together for our children.” Publicizing your partnership with LNCI gives more breadth and weight to the mission of your individual efforts by relating them to a broader movement.

3.  In Your Community: Print the Leave No Child Inside poster and ask your school’s nurse, your doctor, your church, temple, etc. to display it.

4.  With your family:

  • Transform your backyard into a natural playscape.
  • Ask your school to consider transforming the playground into a natural playscape.
  • Start a Family Nature Club and visit a natural play space at the Metro Parks regularly and let the children run free.
  • Send your child to nature camp every summer.


5.  With the institutions in your life: Ask for a meeting with any institution you interact with regularly, such as your employer, your child’s school, your local library, your own doctor, or your neighborhood civic association. Take appropriate items from this toolkit and our website.  As soon as the meeting begins, move it outdoors and after introducing the subject and communicating some exciting facts, ask them how they envision using the space you are now standing in to help reconnect children with nature. Let us know how it went!