Toolkit Contents:

Elevator Speech

Research: Quick Hits
5 Research Studies Showing Just How Much Time Kids are Spending Indoors
5 Research Studies of Ill Effects of Growing Indoor, Sedentary, De-natured lifestyle
5 Research Studies of Positive Health Effects of Spending Time in Nature

Obstacles and How to Overcome Them
5 Obstacles to Getting More Children Outside (F.E.A.R.R)
5 Ways to Overcome These Obstacles (C.H.A.N.G.E.)

Study Up! Great resources to educate yourself
5 Recommended Books
5 Recommended Websites

Existing Materials You Should Use
5 Recommended Children & Nature Reports
5 Recommended Curriculum to Get More Children Outdoors
5 Leave No Child Inside Educational Materials with Which to Raise Awareness

5 Leave No Child Inside FAQ

Bring it Up in Conversation
5 Leave No Child Inside Nuggets to Share
5 Inspirational Nature Quotes

Success Stories
5 Success Stories of How Others Around the Country are Getting More Children Outside

Simple Steps to Take Today
5 Simple Action Steps Every Single Person Can Take Right Now to Ensure that No Child is Left Inside

LNCI Videos
A series of videos created by LNCI.