Five Obstacles and Six Solutions




FF = Feelings of fear: Stranger danger, fear my child will be injured, fear my child won’t succeed or keep up with over-scheduled peers and fear of nature itself in the form of mosquitoes, poison ivy, tics, etc.CC = Create/Enhance/Preserve any and all natural spaces: transform yards and playgrounds into natural playscapes, create natural play areas at parks, identify nearby nature for schools and daycare centers, and preserve nature camps.
EE = Ever-shrinking natural spaces: Unsafe neighborhoods, overbuilt suburbs, closures of parks and nature camps, manicuring of common areasHH = Help our children access natural places. Be a good example, limit electronics, allow them to walk to a park or walk with them.
AA = Addiction to electronicsAA = Allow children to run, play, climb and take risks: Remember the risk of no risk. Being indoors and sedentary is not “safer” when you consider longterm health effects.
RR = Running ragged: No free time, overly structured lives, over-scheduled kidsNN = NATURE!
RR = Regulations that defy common sense: “No running!” and “If kids play naturally, we’ll be sued!”GG = Growing the Leave No Child Inside Network: Reaching more people, becoming a LNCI Ambassador, helping reach the tipping point to cultural change; transforming from an indoor to an outdoor culture.
EE = Education. Educate yourself and raise awareness in every way you can. Keep facts on hand to respond to doubters.