It’s National Bat Week!

October 26, 2020 Kids and Nature Uncategorized

National Bat Week is going on this week! Here is some info from Sharon Woods Metro Park.

Oct. 24-31 is National Bat Week! Governor DeWine recognized Ohio Bat week last year. It’s a time to promote bat conservation and educate ourselves about bats! More info about National Bat Week here:

Now for Ohio-related bat info! See the below email from Marne Titchenell for links to videos and the new Ohio Bat Working Group website (which is full of great info!) On October 28th, ODNR is offering a “Not So Spooky Bats” program online at 10am. Check it out under the “Bat Week” menu on the Bat website. 

At Sharon Woods Metro Park: We have a downloadable hike guide for Bat Week thanks to my coworker Kim!  Download the free “TaleBlazer” app from your play store. Head to Sharon Woods and start at the Lake Restrooms with your GPS on. Our Bats Incredible guide will pop up as a nearby game. Quick download and head for a 1-mile nature walk to learn about bats! Make sure to keep your screen active and keep your volume up. (don’t take photos like I did and then have to backtrack to the ping you missed!)  Link to facebook event

Don’t forget: the only way to find out about our public programs is to fill out our Program Interest Form and eagerly await an email from the naturalists once a week with programs to sign up for!
Have a small group (9 or less or a larger group that can be divided into a few groups of 9 or less) that you want to bring out to the park? Let me know and we’ll see what we can work out! We are currently only providing outdoor programming IN the parks. Fall colors have been better than I would’ve thought, given our crazy weather year.  Hope you make time to get outside. Remember, no bad weather, just poor gear choices. 😁☔

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