Summit Notes: Spirituality in Creation and Nature

October 16, 2007 kidsandnature Spiritual and Religious

Subhead: Community of all Creation
Conveners: Diane Kozlowski and Melissa Camp
Participants: 9
Spirituality provides motivation to care for Earth.
Appreciating creation is not measurable; AND not funded for schools
Curricula often have a management perspective on caring for Earth rather than a sense of connection and relationship with all in the natural world.
All religions have profound traditions on creation but have lost through influence of culture; many are re-emphasizing the tradition.
Spirituality of Earth and caring for Creation is unique and able to be inclusive (both conservatives from religious tradition and liberals on earth justice issues).
Resources and Programs:
Council of All Beings
COEJL Coalition of Environment and Jewish Life
National Catholic Rural Life
Native American teaching, stories, culture
Create rituals around earth cycles
Change of language helps change thinking
-Writings and traditions that speak of Brother Tree, Sister Moon
-Native American – 4-leggeds, winged things

UN Curriculum on water =

    Every Drop Counts; Every Drop Matters

Christopher Uhl –

    Developing Ecological Consciousness
    Earth Prayers

Cosmic Walk (Universe Story)
Character Books – What do You Stand For? (Can incorporate nature)

Ways to reach faith-based communities:
link – website
forum on religion and ecology
Use music and arts as a way to reach children’s imagination and move the spirit
It is possible to share the spiritual dimension in language that is attentive to a diversity of backgrounds

Make Earth beads
Beads from natural elements (buckeyes, acorns, etc.) drill hole, string
Children choose – beads – each represents something in nature
Children share about their beads and their appreciation of the aspects of nature mentioned

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