Camps and Youth Development

October 30, 2008

Leave No Child Inside Summit ’08 Notes: Play Teams

Play Teams for Everyone Group: Heather Starck – Audubon Susan Jervey – Naturalist, Licking County Parks Essences/Main Ideas “Play Team” How we can all work together […]
October 15, 2008

Leave No Child Inside Summit ’08 Notes: Social Networks for Nature

Finding Places to Play with Web 2.0 Group members: Jody Dzuranin Steve McCaw Michael Costlow Leslie Strader Amanda McEldowney Preethi Mony Sue Wintering Essences/Main ideas: Use […]
October 9, 2008

Leave No Child Inside Summit 08 Notes: Student’s Perspective

Students Want Access Group members: Itzia Lesnick, New Albany High School Katie Sosinski, New Albany High School Jay Griffith, New Albany High School Nettie Ferguson, ADAMH […]
April 9, 2008

The State of Ohio needs our help!

As some of you may know, The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is helping to advance the Leave No Child Inside cause by putting on a […]
February 21, 2008

NPR piece on unstructured play:

Thanks to new member Kely Mertz for pointing out this piece on Morning Edition. Click here to listen Morning Edition, February 21, 2008 · On October […]
November 28, 2007

ParkScope column about Leave No Child Inside debuts today!

This appeared today … thank you John! Click here to view it in all its pdf glory on page 4. (pdf version of MetroParks ParkScope.) From […]
November 8, 2007

Summit Notes: How can we all collectively market what we are already doing?

Convener: Heather Starck Participants: Andrea Hedge, Christine Godward, Marc Behrendt, John O’Meara, Kelli Drummer, Val Mitrione, Alice Hohl, and about 20 other people! Summary: Create a […]
October 25, 2007

Summit Notes: How do we get teachers and administrators to buy into nature education programming?

Participants: Matthew Minter, Beth Spieles, Lori Totman, Michael Hohl, Danielle Ross, Casey Stull, Katie Sandford, Elizabeth Kress, Manon Van Schoyck-Ohio Nature Education, Colleen Sharkey, Amy Dutt, […]
October 16, 2007

Summit Notes: Parents and Parenting

Convener: April Hoy Educating parents – use doctors and professionals Taking education to everyday lives, for example educational pieces in the grocery store relating the food […]