30 New EPA Research Fellowships of $46,500 Each Available

September 22, 2009 kidsandnature Funding

The EPA is making available 30 grants of $46,500 each to enhance and support quality environmental education for undergraduates.

The hope is that this assistance will encourage more students to continue their education beyond the baccalaureate level and pursue careers in environmentally related fields.

Eligibility: Students at an accredited college or university. Deadline is Dec. 10.

The fellowships are intended to help defray costs associated with environmentally oriented study leading to a bachelor’s degree.

Fellowships are funded in the following fields of study:

* Natural and Life Sciences (Funding Opportunity Number: EPA-F2009U-GRO-P1).
* Environmental Science and Interdisciplinary (Funding Opportunity Number: EPA-F2009U-GRO-P2).
* Engineering (Funding Opportunity Number: EPA-F2009U-GRO-P3).
* Social Sciences and Decision Making (Funding Opportunity Number: EPA-F2009U-GRO-P4).
* Physical Sciences (Funding Opportunity Number: EPA-F2009U-GRO-Q1).
* Mathematics and Computer Science (Funding Opportunity Number: EPA-F2009U-GRO-Q2).

For all the details including contact information on this and other new funding opportunities, just click on or cut and paste the following link into your Web browser to get free access:


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