2015 Summit – Postponed

A Message From the Co-Chairs:

When we nervously held our first Leave No Child Inside Summit, we were reassured by the words of our facilitator: “Whoever comes is the right people.” The phrase is one of the tenets of the facilitating method we were using, and it has served us well when we are stressed about events.
This year was to be our 9th annual event, and we received excited inquiries ahead of time and began our planning process. However, we are now less than two weeks from the event and have heard from several veteran members that they are unable to attend, for a variety of temporary and circumstantial reasons.  We have not had anyone register using our online registration system, other than the leadership team.
As a result, we’ve made the decision to postpone our gathering until next year.
This time “Whoever comes” was no one, and that’s OK, because sometimes no one can be the right people. Everyone deserves a year off!
Jenny Morgan, Founder and Co-Chair
Alice Foeller, Co-Chair
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