One easy email to sign your support to the Moving Outdoors in Nature Act

November 22, 2010 kidsandnature Legislation

Dear Colleagues,

We are excited to announce that today Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI) introduced the Moving Outdoors in Nature Act (MONA) in the United States House of Representatives! We hope you will join us in supporting this critical legislation by signing onto an organizational sign-on letter (more on that below).

We believe that the policies proposed by MONA will advance our collective efforts to reconnect children, youth and families with the natural world, while improving our children’s health, supporting economic growth and strengthening the future of conservation in America. The legislation will achieve these goals by:

* Directing the President to develop an inter-agency federal strategy and action plan to connect children, youth and families with the natural world;
* Encouraging states to develop similar state-based strategies that incorporate public health, parks and recreation, transportation and other initiatives at the local level;
* Supporting research documenting the health, conservation and other benefits of active time spent outdoors in the natural world.

The legislation encourages solutions that include connecting communities with green spaces, providing opportunities for outdoor recreation, engaging the health community to educate parents and caregivers and much more. We believe that MONA’s focus on health and recreation solutions will be an excellent complement to the No Child Left Inside (NCLI) Act’s systemic approach of getting environmental education back into our nation’s schools.

We hope you will join us, along with the members of the Outdoors Alliance for Kids, in supporting the Moving Outdoors in Nature Act by adding your organization’s name to the sign-on letter by January 15, 2011.

To sign on, please email Jenna Peters at with your NAME and ORGANIZATION (please include your STATE if you are not a national/regional organization).

Click here to read the sign on letter.
Since time is short in this 111th Congress, this letter will be sent to the House Natural Resources Committee leadership once MONA is re-introduced next year.

If you are an individual that does not represent an organization, please consider forwarding this alert along to organizations you work with that might be interested.

Thank you for your consideration,

Patrick Fitzgerald
Director of Education Advocacy
National Wildlife Federation

Visit Be Out There for More Information.

Read the NWF News Article on MONA.

Read the MONA Fact Sheet.

Visit the Outdoors Alliance for Kids Website.

One response to “One easy email to sign your support to the Moving Outdoors in Nature Act”

  • As an education naturalist in our local park system, I have witnessed firsthand the miracles a brush with nature can do for a child. Many of our first time children have never been to a park let alone hike up a hill, explore a cave or a valley filled with native flora and fauna. It is an amazing feeling to have a child with a not so perfect life return to a program year after year and tell you he or she would like to grow up to be a naturalist.

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