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November 17, 2014 kidsandnature Mental and Behavioral Health

Becca Zak

Interpretive Naturalist
Summit Metro Parks
Phone: (330) 865-9065 ext. 313


As a life-long student and steward, I wish to live in harmony with my world; to make as big an intellectual impact as possible, while minimizing my ecological path of destruction. I act as an advocate for rekindling humanity’s relationship with Mother Nature. Working as a researcher with The Ohio State University, I strive to understand the disconnect between children and the environment, thus converging that divide to promote sustainability, stewardship, and a healthy and low-impact lifestyle. The importance of nature with emotional, physical, and spiritual development is boundless, and with this knowledge, I plan to inform and shape the lives of those who seek and hear my message.

For more information email them at RZak@summitmetroparks.org.

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