Summit Notes: Diversifying the Movement

October 4, 2007 kidsandnature Diversity

Jenny, KD, Marilyn, Linda, April, Regina, Rick, Glenn, Betsy

-Connecting with churches
-Pairing urban<>rural families, schools and camps in an exchange program
-Tying nature to culture and history
-Involving family (seeing nature as a resource, not a luxury) community gardens, etc.
– Taking nature to community – taking nature to one’s own neighborhood. (Open programs in shared green space, utility easements, local parks or apartment complexes.)
– Cultivating diverse leadership (starting young, interships, etc.)
– Media campaign with diverse spokespeople (Commercials, PSAs, music with kids) and facilitating or creating commercials before movies.
– Sympathetic/empathetic awareness and education of diverse attitudes toward nature.
– Awareness of diverse ways to experience nature and each other.

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