“Planting Seeds of Hope” Event

March 17, 2014 kidsandnature LNCI Events

When: April 17, 2014 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Where: Mulberry Community Center – 260 Mulberry Avenue Pomeroy, Ohio 45769

Guest Speakers:

Deborah Perryman (Keynote Speaker): “Misunderstood Critters”

Brigid Trimble: “Moving Youth to Action”

Susan Vonder Haar: “Empowering Children to be Stewards of the Earth”

Jenny Richards: “Bringing Children to the Forest”

Julia Liljegren: “Connecting Kids with Wildlife & Habitat”

Planting Seeds of Hope:

American Society is once again at a major crossroads. The economy is faltering. Foreign policy has embroiled us in two wars. Natural resources are declining at an alarming rate. Health care is in desperate straits. And our educational system simply is not working. It takes a catastrophe of one sort or another to awaken us to the perils facing our society. Some hope that the federal government will devise a strategy to remedy the situation. Some choose to play a waiting game, believing that the problems will simply resolve themselves. And others have decided to take matters into their own hands, wanting to return to a simpler time, a more meaningful way of life when family, friends, and faith were the foundations to fulfill their dreams.

Planting Seeds of Hope is a step in that direction. The underlying goals of this conference are a return to greater measure of self-sufficiency; a reenforcement of family togetherness; and a renewed bond with and understanding of nature. We have become all too dependent on modern technology. Our every need is satisfied by people, production, and energy beyond our immediate control. As a result, we have become more and more removed from the land that nourishes us. Today’s youth (and many of their parents) do not know how to raise their own food. Many of them have never planted a garden. This conference will plant the seeds of hope to begin to change all of this. It is time for parents, children, elders, and friends to come together to once again learn and share the basic principles of gardening and understand the importance of biodiversity, working together to share ideas, labor and the harvest wrought from the sweat of their brows.

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