Notes from the Spring all-Ohio Summit Planning Team

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This team was formed at the Leadership Retreat to assist in planning and organizing a spring Leave No Child Inside Summit for the entire state. This would be the first official statewide event for Leave No Child Inside in Ohio.

LNCI Summit 2010
When: Spring 2010, date TBA
• Possibilities include tying with Earth Day (Thursday 4/22/10) and the Friday of the Environmental Education Council of Ohio (EECO) annual conference 4/16/2010.

Unknown, but if we partner w/ EECO, Salt Fork State Park in Guernsey County

Questions to Answer:
• What are the goals of the summit?/What do we want to accomplish?
• How do we want to accomplish our goals?/What are our objectives? Once established, what is the timeline for our objectives?
• Who do we want to be there? How many people do we want to be there? How will we market the event/invite guests? Who will do the on-site planning such as A/V equipment, aesthetics, food, schedule and organizing speakers?
• Budget?
• Who can we collaborate with, other organizations and/or individuals, other state planners?
• What committee members are interested in work on which tasks?

Notes and Thoughts:
• The governor is interested in this event; he may attend; how do we maximize that involvement? How can we get high level representatives from ODNR, ODE, OHEPA, etc. there? This is a call to action.
• NW, SW and NE have active LNCI efforts – we must effectively communicate and collaborate with them.
• Can we incorporate a community service piece, especially if we tie the event to Earth Day?
• Make sure to highlight how much has been accomplished in OH and USA in the movement, but also look ahead to the work we still wish to accomplish. Louv, current state statutes, funding, education…
• Coming together – Ohio will be the first state to have a statewide grassroots LNCI summit.
• Place to get the word out – OPRA conference in Jan (Mark Young)
• Who else do we want to speak? We need to secure speakers.
• Each collaborator needs VISION; suggest 5 clear objectives; ceremonial
• Involve youth/college age in summit
• Ohio EE 2000: A Strategic Plan for Environmental Education in Ohio, Best Practices for Environmental Education: Guidelines for Success is due to be updated in 2010. (view at
• Suggested themes:
o Taking Off – this would build on the Leadership Retreat
o Natural processes to grow the movement/Something to do with Succession – just like in nature, we need people at all levels and with diverse experiences to make the movement complete. The children are the saplings and the high-level representatives are the old growth trees, with lots of trees of various ages in between.
o Ohio Connects – this would build on being the first state to have a statewide summit.

Homework for Everyone in the planning group:
Due Friday 10/9/09 – 1. Suggest themes for the summit, 2. suggest objective and why you think your objectives are important, and 3. Suggest people that you think should be on the planning committee that where not present at the 9/25 summit. Email your thoughts.

Convener Contact Information:
Denise Natoli Brooks
Conservation Education Specialist
The Wilds
14000 International Rd
Cumberland, OH 43732
p. 740 638 5030 x2116
f. 740 638 2287

9/25 Planning Group Attendees and emails:
Sandra Gratop, NW OH LNCI
Sue Hagan – Delaware Preservation Parks
Saundra McBrearty – Delaware Preservation Parks
Katie Buttermore – Denison Student
Leigh Anne Easterling – Mary Evans Child Development Center
Sue Alexander* – Christian Women United
Christa Hein – Stratford Ecological Center
Traci Aquara* – Heart of Ohio Resource Conservation and Development
Melissa Basnett – Columbus Zoo
Betsy Loeb – Action for Children
Donna W – Naturalist
Cristie Wilt – Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Denise Natoli Brooks* – The Wilds
Judith Levicoff – Magical Migrating Monarchs

*indicates willing to convene group

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