No Child Left Inside DVD

November 19, 2007 brenda FundingLegislationOctober Action ItemsUncategorized

Hello All! I just wanted to drop a line to tell you all a little about the NAAEE Conference (North American Association for Environmental Education). At the conference I had the privilege of showing the DVD that Jenny Morgan created, and many of us viewed at Camp Wyandot at the Summit. It was so well received at the Ohio display (along with a box of tissues!) that it was decided to show it at the Awards Luncheon on Saturday. There were almost 800 people in attendance. The response was so over whelming that many wanted to march on Washington right then! Kudos to Jenny and to all of you making a difference! Your time and talents with Children and the movement of the No Child Left Inside Legislation is greatly appreciated! I am confident that we all will see the fruits of our labor in our and our children’s future! Thank so much!!!!

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