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January 13, 2017 Kids and Nature Uncategorized

Primitive Skills are a wonderful way to reconnect with the outdoors.  Too often we walk through the woods and separate from it.  You can find the baseline of the woods and learn how to sink into it by increasing your awareness skills.  Primitive skills remind us that our very existence is connected to the earth and learning these skills empower us in other aspects of our lives.  With this in mind, Coyote Trails School of Nature is offering one course a month for six months on the basic skills for reconnecting with the earth.  Ages 12 and older can participate.  No experience in survival skills or primitive living skills is necessary.  Each class will be kept to a limit of 20 participants so we can have a close-knit experience together as a group.  You can sign up for one class or all of them.  Check out the flier below and then go to to sign up. Click on day classes and scroll down the list to find the ones in Ohio that you are interested in.  If you have always wanted to know what to do in an emergency, in the woods or your home, this is your chance.  Learn how to make a fire in many different ways from bow drill to ferro rod.  Build a shelter in the woods to get you through the night or in your home when without power.  Every month is a different topic.  Plan on having fun as you expand your knowledge, confidence and skills.  Contact for any questions.

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