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October 1, 2007 kidsandnature BlogrollOctober Action Items

Look at that rectangle to your right with 4 photos, and the lines “Proud Member,” It’s called a “badge.”

We all know the expense and time involved in designing a logo, especially one designed by committee. For now, let’s all pronounce our unity and collaboration by simply referring to the Web site at each of the member organizations, using the badge. (This idea was given to me by our facilitator, Michael Herman.)
The badge is available to all of you who are members. The photos in the badge are randomly generated from a group at You can join this group and contribute photos, so photos of your organization’s activities will be show up in the badge from time to time.

To get the badge, email me for the coding to paste into your Website.

To join the photo group, google the following phrase: flickr “kids and nature”

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