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November 1, 2007 kidsandnature FundingOctober Action Items

MANY of you have inquired about obtaining or borrowing the DVD produced for the Summit, in hopes of using it to inspire others in your organization, educate more people and motivate more supporters.

Jenny Morgan is making the DVD available for members to show.

A little background: The summit was made possible through funding by Chase and AEP, however there is no budget for ongoing operations of the collaborative, such as printing up materials, designing a logo, advertising, or whatever else we might want to undertake as a group effort of the membership. The committee thought we could implement a user or rental fee, and that fee would provide a small fund we could use for postage, printing, etc.

However, we are unsure how to set the fee structure. Our initial thought was to charge $75 to rent the DVD for a single use. In trying this out, we are concerned we are scaring off potential users. And we want the message to circulate! On the other hand, we are not sure how we can push forward together without a source of revenue. And the value of the DVD is high. Many have said it is much more effective than hiring a speaker, for example.

We would like your input on how to proceed. What would be a fair price?

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Thank you!

4 Responses to “Getting that DVD!”

  • It would be nice to be able to purchase the DVD to use continuously in classes and to continually promote No Child Left Inside and the Campfire organization. I think you are correct, the word needs to get out, and the DVD is an excellent conduit to spread the message, as well as gather more supporters.

  • Margie Ronning says:

    I think that is very fair!!!! It is definitely worth it.

  • Christa Hein says:

    That price is way too steep for us. We inquired about borrowing it for Stratford’s volunteer nature guide luncheon (a potluck with a budget of $50). There is no possiblity that we would ever get approved for a single rental for that price. The DVD is powerful, but it is short. I don’t agree that it could replace a speaker, simply because of its brevity.

    A $20 rental fee still sounds high, but would be reasonable for a non-profit to afford. A purchase price of $50 seems appropriate.

  • Jenny Morgan says:

    Hi All!
    I just wanted to provide some information about the dvd. I talked with some of you at the summit, but not everyone. The dvd contains a few pictures that are internet-public domain pictures. Otherwise, it might be possible that it could be sold for a flat $50.00 or $75.00 or whatever. Also, there is the issue that the dvd also includes pictures from many different photographers…so we would have to get permission from them to donate the money raised from the sale to the Collaborative, or distribute this money to all involved.

    I would love to get the internet pictures replaced with originals…but if you remember, some of the pictures are inside a living room….in the blue light of a tv, or pictures of smoke from a smoke stack….not easy pictures to replicate.

    As far as a rental fee…I understand Christa’s point, and that is why we decided to talk about lowering it. The fee would be for the labor involved getting it ready for mail, getting them reproduced, etc. Plus, assuming it is ok with the photographers involved, the money will go back to the Collaborative.

    Thanks for all your feedback!


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