Dr. Wendy Anderson spreads LNCI message to docs across Central Ohio

April 11, 2011 kidsandnature Mental and Behavioral HealthPhysical Activity

Dr. Anderson, who received our Leave No Child Inside award in September, was the featured speaker at “Grand Rounds” for doctors, which takes place at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
She outlined the indoor childhood problem and advocated for her fellow medical professionals to spread the word about unstructured outdoor play.

Here is a link to video of her presentation:


One response to “Dr. Wendy Anderson spreads LNCI message to docs across Central Ohio”

  • Loraine McCosker says:

    I am incredibly happy to see this addressed at Childrens. I spent a weekend there (I am from SE OHIO) with my teen daughter and husband in October after my daughter experienced a significant medical issue. After a day or two we were escorted to the “roof garden” for outdoor air, sun. We were welcomed with a statute of Ronald McDonald and a roof top with a few trees and lots of plastic . This really hit home for me. Encouraging the bad food of McDonalds within a hospital (research even!)with little reference to the outdoors and a therapeutic model around this (that I was aware of)

    I encourage common sense with regard to this. Thank you to Dr. Anderson for sharing the research and information.

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